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Background story

I’m Gary, 18 years old, the studios head and organizer of the future games. I occupy me with the Unreal Engine since 4 years and I started to rebuild my own Home first. In this period of time, I learned the basics of the engine and improved myself by trying to make my own RPG which failed unfortunately. 

Furthermore I learned much by videos and tried a couple of things in the engine, but I never participated a course thereto.

My interest to the video game development grew more by the time and that came eventually to my first project “Maresa”, that failed too but I learned so many things while developing Maresa, it's amazing! Now I develop my second game “Shoot’n’Slaughter”.

The game idea came to me when I was searching Google, looking for classic Arena games. I wanted to have something in which you just have to kill waves of enemies and get points that you can then invest in yourself. Unfortunately, after a long search I did not find anything that suited my expectations, so I decided to develop such a game.

Game description

In "Shoot'n'Slaughter" you end up in an arena in which you have to fight against different enemies in a turn-based game principle, while you are collecting points and exp. Then you can invest the points in your fighter and make him stronger, each round your opponents will get better, too. Later there will be more arenas and some more features, which you can read below, because this is just a pre-alpha version.

Current features

  • One arena
  • 13 enemies (which occur in different amounts)
  • One fighter with one weapon
  • 5 upgradeable properties (life, regeneration, hardness, rate of fire, damage)
  • Points-system (based on damage of the fighter)
  • Level-system (enemies give a certain number of exp)
  • Save option
  • Graphic menu (real-time)
  • Preset control (you should check them in the menu)
  • Automatic starting of rounds (adjustable)
  • Minimap
  • Chest and temporary bonuses (collectable in the arena)
  • Explosive barrels

Plans for the future

  • More arenas
  • Current enemies will be replaced with own voxel models
  • Improvement of the enemies
  • Hit-animation and effects
  • Voxel-fighter
  • Creating my own voxel weapons
  • Inventory for items
  • Configurable controls
  • Cooperation mode (not sure)
  • Sounds and music

More ideas will surely come to my mind.


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Hi Gary! It has been some time since we didn't "text" each other.

I have a little idea for a game.

If you are interested, please reply this comment.


I use Unreal Engine 4 too. Is a nice program!


Yes Unreal Engine is great :D What do you think about the game?

(3 edits) (+1)

i am downloading it... i think is nice

i will publish a game in almost 3 days

it's a 0$ or donate, so you can download it.

I am following you on itch


Now i am playing the game. it's great!

That's cool, thanks dude :) Have fun!

Do you use Blueprint or C++?

Blueprints :D